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About Us

Rekord Tekstil, founded in 2000 by Şener Deniz and Ersin Çoklar, has become one of the biggest company in Turkey thanks to innovative and sustainable policies and the goal to always produce something better since it was founded. Rekord Tekstil has become a prefferred company on denim o non denim production providing high quality products and services to its customers.

The company maintains its activites with its 80 proffesional staff and makes sewing process in subcontractors in Turkey, makes packaging in its own factory in İstanbul.



We Work With

Moscow, USA, United Arab Emirates, The Netherland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, France, Finland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan


In each step of production we control goods quality. These are the processes from sampling to packaging;


Sampling Process -Designing the pattern upon customer’s request. -Sewing the samples in line with the pattern. -Sending the sample to customer after quality control.

Purchase Order After the sample is confirmed by the customer, we determine accessorizes and lenght in meter for fabric according to order quantities and start production.


Cutting Department We start cutting the fabric controlling sample’s pattern.

Sewing Department We manufacture in our subcontractors in the control of our inspectors.

Accessorize Department Quality control of the sample before sending them to washing house.

Washing Department After customer confirm the preparatory work before production with the aim of avoiding risks, we start washing the goods.


Ironing/Packaging Department All of our products are ironed and packaged after going through a comprehensive inspection. (measurement control, washing control etc.)

Delivery Delivering the goods, put in boxes, in reference to customer’s request.